When someone has a baby, it is customary to bring a gift to the mother and the child. Many people choose to get the new mother a spa set so she can soak in a relaxing tub when she has a moment to herself. Finding a gift for the baby can be a bit more difficult. The following guide walks you through the steps for choosing the perfect stuffed animal for a new baby.

Choose an Animal that Doesn't Have Fur

When choosing a stuffed animal for a baby, you want to choose one that does not have long, fluffy fur. The baby could pull the fur loose from the animal and then choke on the fur. It is best to choose an animal that has terry cloth, cotton, or fleece material on the outside of it because it will feel soft but will not come apart easily.

Choose an Animal Stuffed with Cotton

There are some stuffed animals that are now stuffed with small beads, balls, or even beans. You do not want to get these animals for the baby because, if the seam of the animal was to break open, the small beads, balls, or beans could get into the baby's mouth and cause them to choke. Choose an animal that is stuffed with cotton instead.

Choose an Animal that Has Sewn Eyes and Nose

There are stuffed animals that have small buttons or plastic pieces to make the eyes and nose of the animals. These small pieces are typically held onto the animal with just a few pieces of thread. When the thread pops, the pieces become loose and the baby can stick them in his or her eyes, nose, ears, or even mouth. This creates a choking hazard. It is best to choose an animal that has eyes and a nose that is created with thread so that they cannot be removed by the baby.

Choose an Animal that Is Soothing

Some animals have devices in them that cause them to make soothing noises for the baby. You want to choose one that plays a gentle melody or sounds like a heartbeat to make the baby feel comfortable and safe throughout the night.

It is important to remember that they may keep this animal for years to come so you want it to be something they can love now and that will last forever. Check out stores that offer children's toys for sale for more inspiration.