The kitchen is where families come together to share a meal, play board games around the table, and where steaming cups of coffee and homemade cookies are shared over conversations with neighbors. Making your kitchen inviting and welcoming is important. Finding creative and fun ways to decorate your kitchen with flour sack towels is one way to up the cozy factor in the most loved room of your home.

Make a tea cozy

Flour sack towels make a perfect tea cozy for keeping your favorite pot of freshly steeped tea piping hot. Simply fold a flour sack towel into a square. Place your teapot in the center of the square, pull up each side to hug your teapot, and secure with a piece of twine or colorful ribbon to add the perfect finishing touch to your tea cozy. 

Line a bread basket

Flour sack towels are the perfect liner for any kitchen basket and can be easily adjusted to fit most baskets. Stencil or embroidery the edges of a flour sack towel in delicate flowers, mason jars, or a simple cross-stitch pattern to match your kitchen décor. Secure the flour sack towel inside the basket allowing the decorative pattern to hang over the edge before filling the basket with warm bread or rolls.

Make a wall hanging

If you enjoy painting or stenciling, you can create a unique wall hanging using a flour sack towel to display your art. Paint or stencil fruit, vegetable, or other kitchen-themed art on a flour sack towel. Frame the flour sack or hang it on a rod to add a charming touch to your kitchen.

Line kitchen shelves

If you are looking for a new way to line your kitchen shelves, look no further than flour sack towels. Flour sack towels can be removed and washed as often as needed to keep them fresh and clean. For open shelves, stencil or stitch a decorative border around one edge of the flour sack and allow it to drape over the edge of the shelf to create a perfect and welcoming touch to your kitchen.

With flour sack towels on hand, you will never run out of ideas for creating a warm and inviting kitchen. Whether you use them plain to add the perfect touch of old-fashioned charm to a county kitchen or add fun designs with paint, stencils, and embroidery, flour sack towels will be right at home in any kitchen.

Contact a local crafts and hobbies store to get more tips for using flour sack towels.