If you enjoy sewing, you know how much the right tools can make your hobby easier and more enjoyable. A thimble is a necessity for anyone who spends time hand sewing. Your thimble will protect your fingers from unwanted tenderness and pricks. In order to make use of your thimble, you need to be able to pick it up at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, thimbles are small and easy to misplace. That's where a thimble cage comes in.

A thimble cage is a piece of jewelry designed to hold your thimble. You wear it around your neck like a necklace, and a small wire cage dangles down the front of your chest. You can place a thimble inside the cage for safekeeping. Here are a few reasons to purchase a thimble cage:

1. Never misplace your thimble.

For many people, their first thimble is an inexpensive stainless steel thimble from a sewing kit. As they progress in their craft, sewers may decide to treat themselves to rare and unusual thimbles. Vintage thimbles are collector's items that have stood the test of time, and they're still highly functional. If you use a valuable thimble, you'll want to take special care of it. By wearing your thimble in a cage around your neck, you can minimize your chances of losing it.

2. Show off your love of sewing.

Thimble cages are useful tools, but they're also decorative. Thimble cages make beautiful pieces of jewelry, especially when crafted out of fine materials like silver. Allow your silver thimble cage to adorn your neck and use it to proclaim your love of sewing to the world. This statement piece may even help you meet friends who enjoy the same hobby.

3. Move your work to any room in the house.

Some people like to move around throughout the day. Hand sewing is wonderful for restless people because it's so portable. Moving your supplies can be a bit of a hassle, but a silver thimble cage can help. When you're wearing a thimble cage, your thimble will be with you wherever you go. This can make your sewing projects even easier to transport.

4. Give thimble cages to your friends.

If you have friends who love to sew, thimble cages make an excellent gift. Every seamstress can use a thimble cage in their sewing kit. Give your friends and family members thimble cages the next time a holiday comes around.

For more information on the uses of a thimble cage, talk to a craft supplier near you.